Monday, August 4, 2008

Christmas To Dos....

So, I am starting a new job on the 11th. Which means my time working on crafts is going to become much more limited. However, DH has promised me the time I need to do Christmas. We shall see.

My goal for this week is to get as much done as possible...I'm laughing as I type this. No, seriously, I want to get as much paperwork and first round of attempts at projects done by Friday, so I can "Celebrate Me" on Saturday.

One other thing I am struggling to do is master grocery lists. I'm hoping I can develop a game plan for stocking away in the coming months, so as to not have a huge grocery bill in November and December.

My notebook is still unfinished. I know what my problem is...I am a perfectionist. That's why FlyLady never worked for me. Hopefully, that too can be marked off my list this week.