Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ideas Ideas

So, in the past few weeks I have really been thinking hard on the hand crafted items for those on our Christmas list. Here are some of the ideas I have come up with.

=> Crayon Roll-ups for the Kiddies : These are too cute! All I have to do now is figure out the pattern for them. I am forever breaking crayons in the diaper bag and wishing I had something to entertain the small ones when we are out. Here's my solution!

=> Rocking Chairs: Each of the little ones will also get a hand painted rocking chair to match their personality for Christmas. I can generally get these really cheap by using my Michael's coupons. They are super easy to make and are always a big hit!

=> Bracelet for DSIL: I have some really neat beads and idea that was going to do for her last year and the time just got away from me.

One other thing I want to venture to see if I can make is those key wristlets. They are super cute and I see them all over Etsy.

Since I am incredibly addicted to Etsy I have also decided that in the event I can not manage to create all handcrafted items, I will at least purchase handcrafted items! :) This way not only am I continuing a theme, but also supporting my fellow crafters on Etsy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Year, A New Start

So, Christmas seems to be fast approaching! I can hardly believe that this year is half way gone! Obviously, I need to get myself in gear and start looking at Christmas. Last year we attempted to do a homemade Christmas for our friends and family, but that didn't exactly happen! Many of the items I bought are still snug away in their craft drawers. For me that means I have a great start on this year!

Hopefully, over the next few weeks I can begin to post ideas and lists of what is being made in our home, naturally, I'll have to be careful to avoid those "peeping" eyes from family and friends!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Homemade Christmas ~ A Few Gift Ideas

Since we are attempting to do an entirely homemade Christmas (except for the kiddies) I have decided to give the following to many of the recipents on my list. These are by far the easiest things I have ever made and can be totally customized! They were so easy to make in fact, I have decided to add them to my craft booth in November!

Paper Clip Bookmark

Pony Tail Holders

Monday, August 4, 2008

Christmas To Dos....

So, I am starting a new job on the 11th. Which means my time working on crafts is going to become much more limited. However, DH has promised me the time I need to do Christmas. We shall see.

My goal for this week is to get as much done as possible...I'm laughing as I type this. No, seriously, I want to get as much paperwork and first round of attempts at projects done by Friday, so I can "Celebrate Me" on Saturday.

One other thing I am struggling to do is master grocery lists. I'm hoping I can develop a game plan for stocking away in the coming months, so as to not have a huge grocery bill in November and December.

My notebook is still unfinished. I know what my problem is...I am a perfectionist. That's why FlyLady never worked for me. Hopefully, that too can be marked off my list this week.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Still so much to do...

Christmas in July has ended, yet I still find myself with so much left to do. I did get a good bit the way of paperwork anyway. There are many projects I intended to begin, but have not. That's the story of everyone's life though right?

Here is one quick and easy project I did manage to take a stab at. While attempting to stamp the last two letters, the "Munchkins" decided they needed to help. I also made a matching pen. (not pictured)

In the next few days I hope to get some altered notebooks completed, as well as a stab at some luggage tags. We shall see....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Christmas in July

So, it's Christmas in July.

This is the first year in FOREVER that I am soooooo excited about Christmas. I'm almost as excited as I am on December 24!!! How crazy is that.

I'm working very diligently on my Christmas Notebook. Once it's complete, I will post pictures to share with everyone. This notebook is going to be my best friend from now until the end of the year. I like to pride myself in my organization, but this just totally excites me.

My Christmas lists are getting longer. That's a good thing though. That means there is much less for me to have to figure out come December. This year we are planning on going all homemade. Yep that's right, all of our gifts with the exception of some of the kiddies, will be made by yours truly.

Keep checking back and see what kind of craziness I get myself into!