Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ideas Ideas

So, in the past few weeks I have really been thinking hard on the hand crafted items for those on our Christmas list. Here are some of the ideas I have come up with.

=> Crayon Roll-ups for the Kiddies : These are too cute! All I have to do now is figure out the pattern for them. I am forever breaking crayons in the diaper bag and wishing I had something to entertain the small ones when we are out. Here's my solution!

=> Rocking Chairs: Each of the little ones will also get a hand painted rocking chair to match their personality for Christmas. I can generally get these really cheap by using my Michael's coupons. They are super easy to make and are always a big hit!

=> Bracelet for DSIL: I have some really neat beads and idea that was going to do for her last year and the time just got away from me.

One other thing I want to venture to see if I can make is those key wristlets. They are super cute and I see them all over Etsy.

Since I am incredibly addicted to Etsy I have also decided that in the event I can not manage to create all handcrafted items, I will at least purchase handcrafted items! :) This way not only am I continuing a theme, but also supporting my fellow crafters on Etsy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Year, A New Start

So, Christmas seems to be fast approaching! I can hardly believe that this year is half way gone! Obviously, I need to get myself in gear and start looking at Christmas. Last year we attempted to do a homemade Christmas for our friends and family, but that didn't exactly happen! Many of the items I bought are still snug away in their craft drawers. For me that means I have a great start on this year!

Hopefully, over the next few weeks I can begin to post ideas and lists of what is being made in our home, naturally, I'll have to be careful to avoid those "peeping" eyes from family and friends!